Saturday, December 31, 2011

Living on the Edge

Found lately that my second last blog post was about year ending and new year wishlists. That implies - either I have not done anything mentionable this year or I was busy enough not to post. LOLz.

But the fact is it was the combination of both cases.

There was a lot thing happened to me this year:

1) Booked a flat for my family - a place of dream. Took huge risk letting everything at stake - that gave an added responsibility but contentment at my mind.

2) Once again switched my job :-( Literally I had to. I couldn't manage everything with the old job and the job itself was not managable. So I had to quit. I joined, the company with the motto "putting the world to work", as Project Manager.

3) My mother got retired from her job. This thing left huge impact on herself and the whole family. She is sufefering from IBS from quite a long time and rest was the only thing that was required for her. Everyone is happy that she is at home now.

4) I started photography more seriously. I'd attended a numerous photography events (photowalk, tour, exhibitions) this year. One of my photo got exhibited at the event "Featuring Chittagong" arranged by PGBD. Another shot of mine got mentioned in a review at MIT journal which I submitted at the competition "Globalization: a bipolar story". It was quite an honor for a starter like me. At the end of the year, I got a film SLR (Yashika) which I dreamt since 2001. It was a great feeling to have that.

5) At the end of the year, at december 4, I got the lady of my life - I got married at last. It was just a day but that single day changed my life forever. The story began.

With so many things in my mind, I have planned for quite a few things for the next year (which is due in a few hours). Donno how far I can go with that.

1) Finding a groom for my kid sister.

2) Arranging  sweet home at Dhaka as well as at Mymensingh.

3) Attending some course on project management, scrum and people managemet.

4) Being more active in travelling and photography.

5) Being less active at professional communities and online activities.

6) Taking some serious steps towards attaining my ultimate goals of my life - putting up an agricultural farm where i will spend rest of my life with my family.

I am not really sure whether I can attain this goals or not. I am not even sure how I am gonna get those - planning is the last thing I like to do generally. But one thing I am quite sure that I never stop dreaming and never will and I will of course go for those.



GET SOME FUCKING BALLS IN 2012 (copied from Hasin vai).

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  1. awesome new year's resolution. --- Dhruba

  2. 6th one...i wish i could

  3. Dor na nehi...
    dor ke age Jeet hai....
    wish u the best with you...

  4. grt.. thumbs up to ur "DIDs" n "DOs"