Thursday, December 31, 2009

Living on the Edge

On the eve of year-end and a new year ahead, I am trying to follow up how my life went on last year and how I am planning to pass my next year. Unlike everybody, I will not going to list my successes and failures or completion of goals. Rather I prefer to list my sorrows and happinesses. I believe happiness is all we live for.

Happiness I found in 2009 :
(1) I completed my MBA (Evening, DU) which I started almost two and a half years ago.
(2) I got a job as Team Leader at Praxis ICT (where I am working now) at May 2009.
(3) Our family moved to a bigger home (at Mymensingh) which was necessary because of accommodation
(4) I contributed to decoration furnitures of my new home ;-) which gave me out of the world feelings.
(5) I completed third year in my professional career as Web Application Developer.
(6) I (along with 5 brothers-in-arms) started our own concern this year. It will be officially launched tomorrow
(7) After 2 long years of fighting I have bought a laptop (Dell Vostro 1014) :D :D.
(8) Too many of my friends got married this year. I wish them best of luck.

When Sadness Touched Me:
(1) My Beloved friend Tareq Ahammed Zico passed away in a dreadful road accident in 21
      December 2009. May his soul Rest In Peace.
(2) I have passed a very Depressed time after this July to October of this year due to some personal problem.
      I confess I was bad in performance and I was rude in behavior to many of my friends and associates. In
      this very moment I am saying sorry for my position at that time.
(3) Too many of my friend has gone abroad this year.
(4) I think I was such busy in the mean time that I didn't get more time to become sad.

What I want at 2010 :
(1) I will be devoted to established our own concern this year ... I will set my goal to do that effectively and I
      will perform my part (God Willing).
(2) I will try to develop my career in Technical Project Management this year. So personally for me there will
     be more time for project management and less in just Coding.
(3) This year there is a huge chance for me to get myself involved in serious business actions. I am looking
      forward for challenges.
(4) This year there is a huge chance for me to get hitched! Please pray for me!
(5) I am taking oath to help as many distressed working children (who can't goes to school) as I can. Please
      help me as this is not possible to get this thing done.

I don't know if I will be able to fulfill all my wishes but I will try my level best even more than that to fulfill them.

So Happy New Year to everybody.

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